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Managed SaaS

Expanding within cyber security? Get started with Vulnerability Management

At Holm Security we see many large operators and IT companies expanding within cyber security services and products. Vulnerability Management creates a unique foundation for your cyber security strategy, by identifying the need for additional consultancy and products. Vulnerability Management is simply a perfect starting point for generating business and building a stronger and longer-lasting relation to your customers.

Your own Vulnerability Management platform

Holm Security provides a unique platform implementation for large operators and IT companies working with cyber security called Managed SaaS.

  • Installed in your own data centers.
  • Provided to your customers as a SaaS service from your network.
  • Unlimited scalability, meeting any customer demands.
  • Provided under your name or the Holm Security brand (white-labeled).
  • Minimal maintenance. Maintenance and upgrades by Holm Security.
  • Includes back office and any number of multi-tenant portals (Organizers) and Security Centers.
  • You’re in charge. Create, change, and remove customers any time without any limitations.

Sales & tech training through our certification programs

Holm Security provides education and training so that your resources will be able to sell, implement, maintain, educate, and train your customers.

Packages with services & products

You can package our platform together with consultancy services and other products.
  • Consultancy within analyzing and prioritization of vulnerabilities.
  • Consultancy within cyber security strategies and policies for continuous security work.
  • MSSPs providing services with SOC and SIEM solutions.
  • Penetration testing.

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